RURAL HERITAGE STAYS... truly Rajasthan

WELCOME TO RAJASTHAN ... Rural Heritage Stay ! Hearty hospitality has always remained one of the most valued fine traditions of the Rajasthan State. A guest visiting a rural heritage home is always considered to be a representative of God. You are invited to experience and share the unique hospitality of our hand picked Rural Heritage Home Stays in Rajasthan conveniently located in major tourist circuits.

LET'S TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY - From visits to centuries-old villages to experiencing forest trails to participating in village festivals and carrying out traditional day-to-day agricultural activities, the urban tourist is going rural these days. Commonly referred to as rural or responsible tourism, it entails participation from the traveler as well as the host community, where the former partakes in the community's day-to-day-activities and in turn contributes to reducing migration by creating employment opportunities and also registering an increase in the average annual household income.


We deliver hands on experience of village level activities


Engage yourself in various local activities like Forest Hike, Bullock Cart or Camel Cart Rides, Tribal Dance, Bird Watching, traditional cooking classes, understanding organic farming,  local form of painting, dip in river, village trail, Jeep rides, fishing, architectural and heritage tours, etc.

We encourage tourists to participate in the chores of villagers


Take an insight of local folk's values, customs, culture, behavior and lifestyles. 

We help villagers to get revenue from our activities

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The revenue for villagers gets generated in form of  tourist guide, room service, housekeeping, performance by local artists, selling of the art and agri produce etc

Engage in Interactive & Exciting activities

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The activities are a mix of Adventure, Education and Self Realization. Engage yourself in Hill Trekking, Jeep Safari & Excursion, Yoga, Meditation and many more..

Your stay portrays the traditional architecture of the region

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Dwell in a place depicting local architecture & tradition of the region.


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TIPS FOR TRAVELERS - It is advisable to acquire a certain basic knowledge about India before your journey. It will allow you to have a better understanding of the country and its culture and will enable you to adapt easily to new surroundings.

India requires more tact and precautions than other countries. Indians are often more sensitive than Westerners and can be hurt easily by lack of courtesy or regard. But they respond to a friendly and respectful attitude with generosity and hospitality.

While travelling in Rajasthan, keep in mind that water and electricity are always insufficient. Avoid wasting them and be ready to stay in such rural destinations even with less of resources.

Meals are concocted by host's family members and traditional, delectable yet simple food is prepared from mainly organic garden products which are rich in spices without being hot.

Help us to promote responsible tourism in a country where mass conventional tourism has already left so many negative marks. Let tourism be an exchange of culture and not merely a matter of money and artificial recreation.



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