Why you should choose fixed departure holiday package over individual package ?

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A well planned, enjoyable, relaxed and tension free trip. If this is your idea of a good vacation, fixed departures holiday packages are just for you! Whether travelling alone or in a group, these are the ideal choice for travelers who enjoy a well planned holiday without getting into the hassle of bookings and arrangements.

Here are 7 reasons we give a thumps up to fixed departure holiday packages:

1. You can choose from various destinations like hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, religious locations, historic places, etc. The packages are all listed; you only have to make a choice.

edited hill-station


2. You do not have to worry about making hotel bookings, travel arrangements, VISA, Flight bookings etc. The tour operators take care of all that.

hotel room


3. You don’t have to spend time deciding your sightseeing plan; it is all pre-planned by the tour operator and shared with you in advance. There will not be any chance that you will miss a popular sightseeing point..



4. You know the sightseeing destinations beforehand and can plan and pack accordingly. Most tour operators also give a checklist of essentials that you may need during a trip.



5. Even if you are traveling alone, you have company. Your tour mates become your friends.



6. You never feel lost even on an international vacation in a foreign location. You have your tour guide to help you with all your requirements.



7. Fixed departure tours are economical and great value for money.




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