Himalayan Adventure – Parvati Valley & Tirthan Valley Sojourns

Time to get another dose of Himalayan AdrenalineSome seek adventure for self-discovery.

To challenge themselves in the adversities that exist there in order to discover their hidden capabilities!

Others want to find their true self, to hear their soul that cannot be heard in the mad rush and loud sounds of our big cities and daily routine!

Pick your poison, seek your adventure and we’ll help you attain the rush you desire!

Destination: Parvati Valley (Kasol and around) and Tirthan Valley (HIMACHAL)

Duration of tour: 8 days/7 nightsTour major attraction:-

Malana Trek (ever heard of Malana Cream)
– Manikaran Sahib
– Great Himalayan National Park treks
– Jalori Pass trek
– Waterfall treks
– Adventure activities
– Nature appreciation … and unending list of activities

Package price: Won’t cost a fortune

How to book: It’s simple: Call: 9829085811

Mail: royal.escape@gmail.com

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