Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

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INDIA is a land with great tourism potential. It’s a land with dazzling beaches, dramatic temples, exotic rain forests, colossal mountains, eternal deserts, lively cities, and the Indian peninsula creates an ultimate allure for the travelers across the globe. Vivid and diverse in culture, heritage and language, India is bestowed with rich natural beauty that adds to its tranquility.

It is a land of many mysteries and charms, even for those who think they’ve been everywhere and done everything. If you’re an intrepid traveler looking for offbeat destinations that are far removed from the tourist trail, read on.

Traditional destinations don’t fancy people enough nowadays, Following are the reasons Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations. backpacking_postgrid


More Privacy

Privacy- offbeat travel- the royal escape Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

There are people that enjoy the hustle and bustle of popular spots, but there are also many who travel to get away from all the noise. Our family always rents homes for affordability and for convenience. We don’t have to worry about being too loud for the neighbors and vice versa.

More Downtime

Downtime- The Royal Escape Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

When you don’t have to constantly worry about the crowds, you can spend more time actually enjoying your day — and your fellow travelers. Without a dinner rush to beat, you have more time to explore a new place and do things as you feel like doing them, rather than be concerned with what the herds of people are doing and where they are going. Traveling should be about doing things at leisure, not rushing around through the days and missing the actual fun.

Less Stress

Less Stress Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

Especially when traveling with kids, it can be highly stressful to constantly worry about a child’s safety in big crowds. When venturing in a quieter, private setting, kids can have a little more freedom to explore and parents can relax. Absorbing a community’s culture can also be very rewarding. You get to learn about new places, histories, and the community at large in a more relaxed environment. Many places offer great food selections that can’t be found elsewhere. There can be a lot to look forward to visiting an out of the way location.

There is always more to Explore


Malana-village-more to explore Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

If you want to go see the Taj Mahal or the Hawa Mahal, there are tons of well-written travel guides to help. If you want something a little more offbeat, you’re probably on your own.

The Royal Escape doesn’t often schedule trips to world-famous tourist destinations. We prefer to travel off the beaten path, selecting locations that will not be swamped with annoying tourists or priced completely out of our range.


Discount Attractions

Lots of places have great things to see and do that aren’t well known outside of the region. It’s all about finding a place related to what you love or love to do and doing some research. If you like the water, find an out of the way beach location or other body of water. Many places will promote their small business tourism with big discount attractions that can really make travel affordable and fun. The Royal Escape provides best Offbeat Destination at budgeted prices.

You get to know people around you.


Know people around you Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

Once you’ve chosen a destination, your next best bet is to connect with the people that live there before you even go. You get to learn their culture, their way of living and their thoughts about life.

If you limit your travel thinking to “places where travel shows have been filmed,” you wind up missing out on a bunch of great places to visit, amazing people, and world-changing experiences. You should definitely see those places, don’t get us wrong, just don’t miss out on some of the other wonders of the world that don’t have signs that say “line starts here” a mile away from the door.

The Royal Escape has a diligent team of Tour Managers, Trekking Guides, Tour Helpers and Cooks who specialize in their respective domain. Our team is well aware of all the treks that adventure enthusiasts would love to explore. All our adventure guides and support staff belongs from the local areas. As a result, they are highly capable of offering the right information related to the weather, condition of the tracks, local culture and tradition of the places and other important information required by the clients.We also make sure you have everything you need before you go, get and stay there safely, see what you want to see, and come home with great memories.


Push the boundaries of your comfort zone. It’s not too hard to broaden those horizons though, and it all starts with picking an offbeat destination where you can have a more intimate, personal travel experience.

Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations

Why people are moving towards Offbeat Travel Destinations – By The Royal Escape

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